Top 5 red-light areas in Kolkata

If you’re curious about Kolkata’s red-light districts, keep reading. I’ve curated a list of Kolkata’s top 10 red light areas, their location, and rates of services there.

1. Sonagachi

red-light areas in Kolkata

It is located in northern Kolkata near the iconic Marble Palace. It has gained notoriety as Asia’s largest red-light district. It is home to over 50,000 sex workers who reside in multi-story brothels.

The name “Sonagachi” translates to “The Tree of Gold” in Bengali, which aptly captures the bustling and vibrant nature of the place.

Sonagachi is a world in itself, where one can find sex workers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, making it a truly unique and diverse place. Here, you can experience a wide range of emotions, from the sensuous and erotic to the tragic and sad.

The rates for sexual services in this red-light area start from Rs. 500, making it an affordable option for many customers.

2. Kalighat

red-light areas in Kolkata

Nestled in South Kolkata, Kalighat is a red-light area that has earned quite a reputation for itself. It is located near the renowned Kali Temple and is home to over 2,000 sex workers who live and work in the area. While the district may seem glamorous and exciting to some, the reality of life for the sex workers here is far from easy.

Despite the numerous health risks that sex workers face, several initiatives have been taken to provide them with healthcare and other essential services.

The rates for sexual services here start from Rs. 200, attracting a steady stream of customers.

3. Bowbazar

red-light areas in Kolkata

Bowbazar is located in the heart of Kolkata and is infamous for its flourishing sex trade. Here, approximately 500 sex workers reside, and the area is crammed with narrow lanes and dimly lit alleys.

It is notorious for its thriving underground prostitution rackets. However, law enforcement agencies have carried out numerous raids to crack down on these illicit activities.

Despite all this, this place has emerged as a hub for sex tourism.

Rates in Bowbazar for sexual services start from Rs. 700.

4. Tollygunge

red-light areas in Kolkata

It is located in South Kolkata. The area is home to around 200 sex workers or call girls in Kolkata who operate out of a labyrinth of narrow lanes and by-lanes.

Prostitution remains rampant in this area, with customers flocking to the area in search of sexual services. Although, the sex workers in Tollygunge face significant risks, including exploitation, abuse, and violence.

The rates for sexual services in Tollygunge start from Rs. 500-600, attracting a mix of many local and out-of-town customers.

5. Beniapukur

red-light areas in Kolkata

It is a small but notorious red-light district in Central Kolkata with approximately 100 sex workers operating in a maze of narrow lanes.

In this area in Central Kolkata, the rates start from Rs. 100.

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