Top 10 Red Light Areas In Bangalore

Bangalore is a beautiful city filled with rich history, culture, and nightlife that is yet to beat. There is also another side of the city that never makes it into the newspaper or media. The red light districts. These are the places where people go for some adult fun. Here, we have listed the top 10 red light areas in Bangalore.

These red-light areas are located in various parts of Bangalore. The rates vary depending on the service provider and location. These areas are frequented by both locals and tourists. These areas provide sex workers with a safe and legal way to make a living, as well as a place where they can connect with other sex workers and get advice and support. It is a popular option for many sex workers, as it offers them a way to make a living without having to resort to illegal or dangerous activities.

Red light areas in Bangalore are areas where prostitutes live and work. These areas typically offer lower rates for prostitution and other services and can be found here and can be found in various parts of the city. Locations of these areas are often kept secret to protect the prostitutes working there.

The services offered by sex workers in these areas are like a marketplace, providing a variety of goods and services that cater to the needs of both residents and travellers alike. However, there are also some drawbacks to this type of work. For example, this type of work can be physically demanding, and sex workers often have to pay fees to local authorities to operate. Additionally, this type of work can be stigmatizing, and sex workers may not be able to find steady employment.

Red Light Areas In Bangalore

1. Madiwala

The Madiwala is among the oldest and most well-known red-light areas in Bangalore. It is located in the Southeastern part of the city. It has been the heart of the sex business for decades now. It began when British soldiers were posted there in the early 20th century. Today, it is home to over 500 brothels and over a thousand sex workers.

2. Shivajinagar

This is a well-known commercial and residential area of Bangalore. It is located in the city’s heart and has a bustling nightlife. The red light area was set up just a few decades ago. To evade prosecution, sex workers began working here. Today, it is home to over a hundred brothels and around a thousand sex workers.

3. Srinivasapura

Located in the Kolar district of Karnataka is the small town of Srinivasapura. Being a small town outside the main city, sex workers were protected from prosecution. Over time the business grew, and today, it still stands with a handful of brothers and a little over a hundred sex workers.

4. Yelahanka

This is a suburb in Bangalore that is rapidly developing. However, right beside the community is a red light area. The conditions for sex workers are bad in the area, and it is advised never to visit this place at night. Many projects, such as the Ashraya Foundation, are trying to help sex workers move out of the area.

5. KR Market

This is among the oldest and most well-known marketplaces in Bangalore. It is also a tourist attraction. The red light district was set up over 50 years ago in the 1960s. Today, it is home to hundreds of brothels and sex workers.

6. Kalasipalyam

This busy and lively area is in the heart of Bangalore. There are plenty of residential and commercial residents in this area. The red light district was established decades ago. Due to police and gangs, it is unsafe to visit at night. There are around 200 brothels and over 400 sex workers in this area.

7. JC Road

You can find everything here, from electronics to furniture and everything in between. The backstory is really interesting. The marketplace was a good place to hide the sex workers while they worked. Over the years, it became synonymous with trade and sex workers. The workers here operated without fear and developed close relationships with the shop owners. Today, there are several brothels and sex workers.

8. Frazer Town

This is a well-known residential area with a red-light district nearby. The area has several well-known buildings and landmarks and a bustling street food area. The sex workers arrived here over a decade ago and have thrived there.

9. Electronic City

This is the IT hub of Bangalore. The red light area here is very discreet and away from the main roads due to police activity. There are small hotels and other places where the activity is high. Police have been trying to crack down on the activity in this area.

10. Majestic

This is a well-known red light district in the heart of the city. Due to recent police crackdowns, the activity has been reduced. There was a point where there were over 500 brothels and thousands of sex workers here.

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